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Cauliflower fried Rice

Cauliflower fried Rice is a low carb , gluten free and a good substitute to the rice...It's a stir fried rice type with a chicken and veggies.  Cauliflower is grated into a rice like  bits and it resembles couscous and its...

Noormahal chicken Biriyani

A salute to royal cuisine. Chicken pieces cooked in yoghurt and a special blend of spices , layered with parboiled rice and cooked on low heat is what makes this biriyani an outstanding.Each rice grain shouldne seperate, yet bound to...

Thai fried Rice

This fried rice is of typical of thai cuisines...It hasvaried flavor and it differs from chinese fried rice by using of thai jasmine rice which is sticky and is fish sauce is used that gives typical thai am...

Kofta biriyani

Exotic biriyani in which eggs stuffed in chicken balls (nargisi  kofta) are served in savory rice in mughlai style

Pressure cooker Prawn biriyani

This is a pressure cooker biriyani .I have already posted a prawn biriyani earlier but that is by layering method  but this one pot biriyani cooked in pressur cooker lets have a look at the recipe