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Breaded Prawn Wrap

Crispy breaded prawn wrapped in a whole wheat tortillas with spicy mayo and lettuce.. Prawns are always favourite in our house whether as biriyani ,gravy or fried ..I usually try wraps with chicken .its easy to prepare and have it...

Crispy Fried Prawns

crispy fried prawns marinated in buttermilk and spices and then dusted in spiced flour mix and fried to crispier..Its perfect starter and kids will love it.

DRY Prawn Roast

No onion no tomato Easy prawn Roast .This is one of best recipe. it is spicy and very easy to make it without onion and tomato .     

Dynamite prawns

This is fried prawns in creamy chilli  sweet sauce.. Whenever we have a dish from the restaurant which we all loved, and long to have again i try to search in web This is one such recipe...its so tasty that it...

Prawn Stew

This is the typical kerela stew which is cooked in a thick Coconut milk and mild spices that goes well with rice and appam...