“Best of 2017”

we have come to an end of 2017 …It was a good year for me and my blog .A lot of excitements and sweet memories happened.


I started off with Guest post in my blog and had some yummy  post by beautiful bloggers .Even I got the chances to do some and also for Ramadan series. This year I have stepped into making YouTube videos.started making live video and started to post once in week alhmdhulila …hope to do more in coming years..You can subscribe to my YouTube channel Asheescookbook

Recently I have collaborated with the Facebook group JorenQ ..A well motivated and inspired food community where people are so awesome creating magic with food… Happy to be part of that group.. I would say Asheescookbook has reached to this level of audience ,one reason is this group… They have lot of fun activities and challenge happening in their group, which insha allah will update in my blog .If anyone interested to join the group click here.

This year my chicken cheesecake  recipe got  featured in bayarasocialIftar menu … I too got chance to taste my recipe prepared by the chef of Oberoi bussiness bay.This year also I was able to do MFB challenge except for 1 month and we also successfully completed the one year recently.also started off with other challenges that keep the blog active all time.

Lot of people also started to give feedbacks which I feel help in improving my blog post also they  send  picture of the recipe tried from my blog and share their happiness… so I have started to feature the pictures in post also in FB page that would be a encourage them too.. one of the post which had hit peak in Asheescookbook is Hot milk sponge cake ..so many of them have tried and send me picture hello g that it was super hit in their home and every one loved it… This is actual aim of my blog that to reach people with easy and tried recipes and introduce new recipes to them…

My blog also got  listed in “Top 200 Indian bloggers by feedspot…

so that would be some of the memories of Asheescookbook..

Most viewed and Best Recipes of 2017

1.Hot milk sponge cake – recipe here


2.Murg ke phool -Recipe here


3.luqaimat -A sweet Arabic dumpling- Recipe here

Arabic sweet dumpling

4.chicken cheesecake – recipe here

5.Basseema -An Egyptian coconut cake -recipe here

6.Mocha Dulce de leche Icecream -recipe here

7.Honey mug cake– Recipe here

8.Oreo Tiramisu -Recipe here

9.Papa roti buns– Recipe here

10.Nutella filled Mini Pancakes recipe Here

Hope you loved my 2017 journey and enjoyed reading all post… hope to get more  views, likes and subscription in 2018

Happy New year to all my viewers.

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"Best of 2017"
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  1. Congrats Asheera on the wonderful year! Wishing you another fruitful year in 2018 as far as blogging is concerned… 🙂

    1. Asheera

      Thsnk you rafeeda

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