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Hello Food Lovers,

My name is Asheera Haja. I was born in southern part of  India and raised partly in Dammam (KSA) and I currently live in Dubai. I love my family more than anything in the world. And if it wasn’t for the constant love and support of my amazing husband I would be nothing and wouldn’t have been able to do what I did.

Ever since I was a little kid I was always impressed with my mom’s  passion towards cooking. But I was more passionate towards art & crafts not in cooking.This never changed until I got married and slowly I started to wonder what to cook for my husband who’s a diehard foodie. He travels for business  and try different cuisines, then he comes back talking  about those unique dishes. This gave me an opportunity to explore more cuisines & fusions. Yes that’s how I started to know more about cooking & the magic it can create.

Because of this huge transformation I went through, I thought to myself. Why not share with the rest of the world the magic what I experienced with cooking in the past 7 years. Well my answer was here, in this blog since late 2015.

Welcome to Ashee’s CookBook !!! It’s my casual trial zone where I create, thoroughly test, and photograph recipes for my blog. All my recipes are either original or improvised recipes from other bloggers.

So here you will be able to find loads of recipes including kitchen experiments and are categorized into Breakfast, Lunch, Quick Snacks, Desserts & much more. My recipes are always free of artificial dyes, flavorings, and other iffy additives, which I won’t serve my family—or you! Instead, dishes feature naturally flavorful, colorful ingredients including fresh lentils, herbs, fresh ground spices easily available and fruits.

I’m sure all these recipes would tantalize your taste buds or treat your family.

Alternatively you can also subscribe to my blogt to catchup with my latest updates.

And lastly before I go, be ready to have some fun and be sure to get yourself into this scene! I greatly encourage comments and questions on here. If you ever have a question feel free to ask me. Because I will actively respond and be able to help you or  get feedback to improve your experience in this blog.  Any type of commenting and interaction from you guys is greatly encouraged.

If there is anything you ever want to talk to me about, please email me at: ashee.haja@gmail.com

Happy cooking.😉




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  1. Shabina

    Recently tried your wheat paratta… it came out really well; my husband and daughter loved it. I am working and I get very less time to cook, this recipe was easy and also cooking/preparation time was less and it came out perfect😊👍🏻

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